This is one of the biggest challenges any dealership operation seems to have.  How often have we heard a sales department say to a customer: “Those darn service people, they never deliver on time and they can’t fix anything”. How often have we heard the service department say to aContinue Reading

Recently I was invited by a CEO and Board Chairman of a private company to discuss challenges they were having with organization succession.  In the discussion it was noted that the current process for CEO performance evaluation was primarily based on financial performance.  The CEO was an excellent performer whoContinue Reading

When you speak to most “Dealer Principals” and ask them, “what area of your business has the most room for improvement?”, it’s usually the Sales Department.  After many years of leading equipment dealer organizations, the root causes of these frustrations and average or poor results are almost always the same.Continue Reading

Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs)” are a very important part of any successful business.  Having measures that can look at performance in a specific area of your business is critical to knowing how well you are doing and how you compare to similar dealer operations in your industry.  Sharing and evaluatingContinue Reading


We have all heard the terrifying numbers that eighty-five percent of all acquisitions fail to add value or completely blow up!  These kinds of statements prevent most companies from pursuing acquisitions when they need not.  In the following story you will see why and how having an intimate understating ofContinue Reading

Finding the root of the problem and taking corrective action. Derrick is a long-term employee who works in your shipping department and is responsible for ensuring back-order shipments are filled the day parts arrive from the warehouse. He is also responsible for prioritizing all repair order parts while receiving stock.Continue Reading

A strong culture that aligns with a specific vision and strategy is a winning combination. Here’s why. Culture – and its application to strategy and results – is now a core focus of great organizations that “get it.” Volumes of research from global consulting firms coupled with my own experiencesContinue Reading