by "Refining Strategy", "Defining Culture", and guiding in the execution of both
to deliver repeatable"Winning Performance"

About Us

The SCP Group is one of the only advisory firms in Canada that provides industry specific consulting services built from more than 85 years of hands-on leadership, management, and operational experience. Rather than leaving you with untested theories, our uniquely qualified team replaces guess work with sound practice. ​ We know how to successfully navigate critical areas of businesses just like yours and how to capitalize on opportunities where challenges exist.

Through use of our proven tools and techniques we will help you reach your goals up to 3X faster while achieving up to 35% more profitability. It all starts with a defined strategy and a refined culture that leads directly to repeatable winning performance. ​ ​We believe there are three key areas of focus needed to operate your business successfully - Strategy, Culture and Performance - Each will have a direct impact on the other and will affect how you approach analyzing and optimizing your organization.



Strategy is the story that’s shared throughout the organization about the journey we will take to arrive at a new Desired Future State. It will describe what that desired future state will look like and provide the organization with the road map to get there. The road map will provide clear direction on where to focus, and what tasks the organization will do (or not do) to ensure resources are focused on the correct things. Organizations will know when the strategy is working when every individual in the organization can explain how what they do supports the strategy, and that performance commitments are progressing in the right direction.


Culture is a combination of the values that guide your organization and the shared attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and customs your people live. Your culture integrates with the written and unwritten rules that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of your business. It’s the way we treat each other and the way we get things done.


Performance is a composite assessment of how well an organization executes on its most important parameters, typically measured in financial, market, and shareholder terms. Today, to have sustainability in business requires a much broader consideration when measuring overall health. Stronger focus toward your organization’s social responsibility, brand equity and reputation, innovation and agility, employee morale, values and purpose are now paramount to success. As we evolve, so should our business, and our expectations of performance.


The SCP Group brings decades of combined hands on experience to your organization through our team of experts. We call upon a broad range of deep and relevant experiences that will help put you on the path to successfully achieving your desired future. Our team has operated both public and private companies in Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia. ​ Using our proven SCP Fitness Process, we can quickly identify and prioritize areas of opportunity and then provide you with direct strategic and tactical guidance. We then work with you to engage and focus your teams and resources for delivering collaborative, innovative, sustainable solutions that are aligned with your strategic goals and performance objectives.

​ ​Our services are fully custom tailored to your desired scope so projects can range from simple process re-alignments to more complex initiatives like mergers and acquisitions. You might also find a spot on one of our SCP Peer Groups where you can benefit from the knowledge, experiences, and best practices of other non-competing organizations from your industry. ​ ​We specialize in all facets of business health and development whether it’s your existing organization or you are growing through merger or acquisition, and that is why defining strategy, refining culture and delivering winning performance are our key focal points. We pay great attention to the quality of our consulting, training and advisory services and strive to support organizations and individuals by making their visions, goals and performance expectations become a reality.

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