Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Founder - WELLth Movement | SCP Professional Associate

Dr. Stephen Hobbs has practical knowledge in "Working Well Together" including Human Performance Improvement, Workplace Culture, Experience-based Education, Facilitative Mentoring, Workforce Learning, and Employee Involvement.

He "was" a University Professor, CEO of a competency-compliance company, and a Non-Profit Manager & Board Member. Also, he has managed large projects including Leisure/Recreation Programming in Australia; Health Promotion Research and Programming in Uganda; Relief Operations including Air Operations in Kenya-South Sudan; and multi-million $ Merger & Acquisitions (people navigation perspective) in Canada. And multiple multi day leadership and management workshops in Canada, China, Ethiopia, and the USA

Now, he “is” the Founder of WELLth Movement - a “better workplace” company for executives and managers; it’s sort of like a one-stop shop for executives and managers who want to frame/reframe // ignite/reignite all stakeholders’ involvement in the organization of work … with the important caveat, while using the words of the stakeholders to guide their involvement.

He is a Thought-Note Speaker and Author. He works with executives and managers to co-create places of where people enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy. He uses a whole system-whole person approach incorporating ISO standards/regulations, and competence tools, techniques, and technologies.

He developed the Competence Certification & Verification System now applied to the International Mentoring Community for awarding the Certificate of Competence - Mentor. And, this system is available to businesses to deliver extraordinary employee & customer experiences, sales training, leadership/management development, people & culture initiatives, and more.

In addition, he is furthering his philanthropic efforts for children and trees programs through the Write for Shade Movement launching in 2020. He is an author and blogger.

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