Executive Vice President Owner/Founder

Strategic Execution, Leadership and Culture Perspectives, and Operational Excellence make up the core of Jack’s expertise. For more than 25 years he has added value to public and private, national and international organizations through Acquisition Integrations, Organizational Restructuring, Business Continuance and Contingency Planning, Rebranding, and Customer Experience Initiatives within a diverse range of industries.

​ Especially helpful to organizations is Jack’s talent for translating vision into action using a unique ability to profile both detailed and big-picture perspectives in order to guide people to a common understanding and focus. Leveraging this, he has successfully delivered Change Management programs, Leadership Coaching and Mentoring programs, and has provided training and management for Operational and Organizational Excellence.

​ He believes success comes through awareness, engagement, living by a strong set of values, and continuous personal and professional development. Jack has added to his knowledge and competencies through business studies at the University of Alberta and Queens University - Smith School of Business.

​ Jack specializes in helping companies with successful strategic and cultural integration, tactical action planning, and organizational/operational realignments.